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We created to fill an unmet need in the digital health and design landscape. We aimed to create a unique, comprehensive set of digital icons that offered functionality and visual appeal. We also envisioned these icons as tools to enhance the work of healthcare designers and developers.


The development of’s icon set began with our illustration team crafting the initial designs which served as the initial prototype and style foundation. As the project evolved, we broadened the library across various care settings, specialties and medical concepts.


The launch of SVG.Health’s icon set received positive feedback, affirming its value in the digital health and design space. Notably, a feature in the Japanese magazine Coliss led to a significant increase in downloads. The metric highlighted the international appeal of the icons.This success fulfilled our goal of providing a valuable resource for designers in digital health.

There are quite a lot of rare icons that will be useful when designing medical care and health-related products.
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