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Atomic Health is a different kind of design firm.

We’re an accomplished group of designers, builders and storytellers working with leading companies towards a better future for healthcare.

Inspired to enhance the human experience.

We believe that craft, empathy and creativity have a pivotal role in shaping the next-generation of care delivery.

Our world-class design expertise and laser focus on healthcare helps growing startups and industry leaders go further, faster.

All of our projects follow our proven design process. Most of the time.

Our Process

Where are we and where we going?

fig. 1 - Discovery

We start every project by immersing ourselves in your company, users and customers. Because we live and breathe healthcare, we get right to work in understanding your unique opportunities and challenges.

How will we get there and how will we know?

fig. 2 - Strategy

We use a potent combination of experience, curiousity and inspiration to align our creative approach with tangible business outcomes.

Showing your true colors

fig. 3 - Design

Our multi-discplinary design team gets to work  bringing your vision to life. We work best with partners who are active participants in the creative process.

Setting sail into the future

fig. 4 - Launch

Bringing a new experience or brand to market typically involves a thoughtfully coordinated approach, ensuring a holistic and impactful debut.

Expanding to new horizons

fig. 5 - Extend

Usage guidelines and design systems are the starting point for empowering our clients’ teams to embrace and extend their new design direction and scale it across every brand touchpoint and experience -- while evolving it into the future.

Healthcare is in our DNA

We’ve worked across a wide array of industry sectors

Electronic Health Records

Population Health

Virtual Care Delivery

Value-based Care

Healthcare Analytics

Patient Experience/Engagement

Enterprise Healthcare IT

Revenue Cycle Management

Clinical Workflow

Billing & Financial

Next-Generation Care Delivery

Medical Transportation

Life Sciences

Administrative Tools


Questions? We got answers.

What kinds of companies do you work with?
We work almost exclusively with technology-centric healthcare companies.

We already have a design team, can Atomic Health still help?
Our team works best as an extension of your current (or future) team, delivering specific expertise, guidance and scale to level-up your design game. We provide an outside perspective, then focus on ensuring your teams are able to embrace and extend our work together.

Are you a marketing agency?
Not exactly. We are a product design and creative services firm. We help bring your user experiences, brand strategy and web presence to life and stand out from the crowd.

We need design help - when is the best time to engage with Atomic Health?
Typically, the earlier we start to work together, the better. For new product design projects, we can help you and your team bring a brand new product to life, from conception to launch. We also work well within existing product teams, helping to design new features and enhancements as your product scales or as you enter new markets.