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As a new venture aiming to reimagine care for adults 65+, Patina came to us with a white canvas, committed to redefining the healthcare and aging experience for their primary care patients. From the outset, their focus was on crafting a user and brand experience that would resonate deeply with an older audience.


The collaboration began by exploring the vision, goals and ambitions. In order to bring a design-centered approach to their product and brand development, the team from Patina worked with Atomic Health to design an iconic brand identity and product design system that is authentic, distinct and accessible.Patina’s mobile app not only connects patients directly to their care team, but helps them build a relationship with them over time. Working closely with the product development team, we helped design a mobile app UI that was all about profoundly improving the healthcare experience for older adults and the loved ones who care about them.


Every aspect of the Patina app was meticulously optimized for clarity, ease of use, and simplicity. Our process involved comprehensive user research, detailed prototyping, and the creation of a visually appealing final design. This collaborative effort resulted in a product that transcends the typical, uninspiring patient portal experience.Patina stands out with a bold brand identity that reflects their groundbreaking mission. This identity is a testament to their dedication to compassionate healthcare. The app's launch has effectively bridged the gap between patients and their care teams, enhancing communication and support.

We needed a design partner that truly understood what we were trying to accomplish. Atomic Health did an incredible job helping us execute to our vision.
Jack Stoddard, CEO