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PaSeva was set to launch their new home healthcare management platform, accompanied by a fresh visual identity and an updated website experience. Their goal was to present a modern brand that resonates with their audience, while preserving their established reputation in healthcare. This introduction was strategically planned for an upcoming industry conference, showcasing their commitment to innovation and trust in the sector.


Diving into PaSeva's brand design, we aimed to craft a logo that would echo the innovation at the heart of their healthcare management solutions. The logo we designed is not just unique; it's a visual statement of PaSeva's commitment to modernity and clarity in a complex industry.The color scheme strikes a balance between warmth and contemporary vibes, chosen to be inviting yet indicative of cutting-edge technology. The aesthetic of the brand system reflects this with clean lines and a mix of cool blues with energizing greens, suggesting a blend of trustworthiness and vibrancy.This visual overhaul wasn't just about a new look—it was about creating a suite of design elements that together enhance their value proposition and solidify PaSeva's brand perception as modern, accessible, and innovative.


At the industry conference, PaSeva's introduction made waves. Attendees were not just impressed; they were genuinely thrilled by what PaSeva had to offer. The visual overhaul received widespread acclaim, successfully grabbing the attention and sparking enthusiasm that the team had envisioned. The unveiling of their new website reinforced their refreshed brand identity, perfectly aligning with their mission to simplify home healthcare operations and empower healthcare facilities with the latest solutions.