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MedsNow, a startup focused on reimagining invoicing and customer management for independent pharmacies, aimed to quickly bring a comprehensive software platform to market designed to streamline the complex operations of growing pharmacies. They sought a design partner with expertise in healthcare UI/UX, aiming to balance speedy market entry, optimized user experience, and a focus on a clean visual design, crucial for their product's success.


Our approach began with a deep understanding of MedsNow’s goals, focusing on optimizing the user experience for independent pharmacies to ensure the right product-market fit. Through an iterative design process, we developed and refined various solutions, constantly adapting them based on user feedback. This involved meticulously mapping out the workflows of different users to create a solution that was not just an invoicing application, but a comprehensive, end-to-end system.


In our collaboration with MedsNow, we delivered a complete solution for their MVP that aligned with their vision, poised to drastically improve operations for independent pharmacies. Our scalable, user-friendly product design balanced ease of use with robust functionality aligned to user goals and needs. Importantly, we also equipped MedsNow's engineering teams with a design system optimized for implementation and scale, ensuring the platform is well-prepared for market launch.