Linus Health

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Linus Health is a pioneer in digital cognitive assessments for the early detection of Alzheimer’s and other dementias. They needed a brand refresh as their existing visual identity no longer suited them. With an innovative platform and a clear mission, they sought a new brand system to help elevate their go-to-market motions.


Our approach to this brand refresh began with a deep dive into their product, users and market. From there our team explored several creative options, ultimately crafting a fresh new approach that honored their established identity while evolving their brand and story. A blend of the familiar and new concepts created a sophisticated revamp to showcase their industry leadership.


Our work with Linus Health led to the development of an enhanced brand system, intricately designed to better convey their product's uniqueness and mission. This initiative helped position the company for their next stage of growth, enriching the way Linus Health connects with its audience and industry.