Butterfly Network

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Butterfly Network, a pioneer in advanced handheld ultrasound solutions, sought to elevate its enterprise UI/UX for hospitals and large medical systems. Recognizing the need for a design partner versed in healthcare technology and human-centered design, they turned to us.As our collaboration progressed, our involvement expanded to include enhancing their point-of-care ultrasound experience. This project entailed developing a robust design system and refining digital touchpoints, ensuring a seamless user experience across their app ecosystem with a design partner capable of adapting to their continuously evolving requirements.


Throughout our partnership, we engaged in several major projects. We began by optimizing and streamlining workflows and enterprise UI/UX across their platform and addressed critical enterprise-wide design considerations. Next, we tackled mobile, ideating on completely new app directions and reimagining user interactions that could leverage their existing AI capabilities. Focusing on onboarding, we helped rethink these flows and provided a library of custom illustrations that effectively narrated our approach. Finally, we were entrusted with unifying and developing a comprehensive design system that drove speed and consistency across the design, product and engineering teams.


Our partnership focused on developing a richer, more integrated design process, rather than just delivering set solutions. This collaborative effort enabled Butterfly Network to adopt more refined design strategies, enhancing their operational design approach. This engagement was more than a project; it was a significant step in their continued pursuit of excellence and innovation in health tech.

One of the best product design engagements we’ve ever had. Our product team doesn’t have to spend cycles bringing them up to speed on what we’re trying to build. With Atomic Health, you start five steps ahead.
Brandon Fiegoli, Director, Product Management