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Designing a modern care experience from the ground up.

Patina is reinventing primary care from the ground up.  They are fiercely determined to help adults 65+ get the care and experience they deserve.

In order to bring a design-centered approach to their product and brand development, the team from Patina worked with Atomic Health to design an iconic brand identity and product design system that is authentic, distinct and accessible.

A bold brand identity to match a bold new mission

Patina’s new logo + visual identity needed to reflect the noblility and compassion woven into how they’re reimagining primary care through a modern and personalized approach.

Heading / EYEBROW
Founders Grotesk

Human-first care that takes its time.

Libre Baskerville

Imagine healthcare that’s built around you, not your providers. Healthcare that’s about humanity and healing, not transactions.

An intuitive app designed for all older adults

Patina’s mobile app not only connects patients directly to their care team, but helps them build a relationship with them over time. Working closely with the product development team, we helped design a mobile app UI that was all about profoundly improving the healthcare experience for older adults and the loved ones who care about them.

Custom icon library
Accessibility and ease-of-use take center stage

With a diverse set of patients in mind, every detail of the Patina app was optimized for legibility, usability and simplicity. Through user research, prototyping and final visual design, we helped deliver a beautiful product that challenges the typical lackluster patient portal experience.

“We needed a design partner that truly understood what we were trying to accomplish. Atomic Health did an incredible job helping us execute to our vision.”

Jack Stoddard
Patina Health