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Website Design + Development

Website Design + Development

Life sciences technology leader ArisGlobal has pioneered innovative software solutions for more than 35 years.

Its signature SaaS platform, LifeSphere, streamlines collaboration, organizes clinical trials, and manages compliance to accelerate R&D while reducing risks and cost.

Designing a holistic product brand

ArisGlobal tapped Atomic Health to create a distinct and scalable LifeSphere product brand as part of a total rebrand of its company positioning and brand strategy. The life sciences technology company desired an engaging brand system, one that communicated bold ingenuity and a proud legacy of innovation.

As an enterprise SaaS platform working across the life sciences industry and spanning four different areas (Safety, Clinical, Regulatory, and Medical Affairs), the LifeSphere brand posed a unique challenge.

We focused on designing a bold new brand image that underscored the innovation of the disruptive SaaS platform, powered by the scale and reach of a global leader.

Exploring the right look and feel

We began our creative process with mood boards to set the visual tone for the brand. From organic to tech-forward, earthy, avant-garde, and beyond, we went broad and deep to help determine the perfect visual direction.

During our exploration phase, we had to define how LifeSphere would interplay with the corporate ArisGlobal brand. Using stylescapes, we explored different color palettes, typography, graphic treatments, iconography, and, illustration options.

Ultimately, abstract line work, subtle gradients, and a modular design approach emerged as a clear winner — a unique, memorable vibe and style was born, leaving other ideas on the cutting room floor.

An iconic brand to mark a new era

The final logo mark combines movement and momentum. We used simple overlapping spheres to create an iconic mark that conveys sophistication, collaboration, and, flexibility.

As we built out the visual language, we wanted to expand on the concepts of momentum and multifaceted discovery. Intricate hexagons and spirograph patterns converge to reflect speed, agility and, collaboration.

Empowering an agile product team

We designed a cohesive brand that could scale across the four life science domains and individual LifeSphere products. Approaching the brand from a product perspective and design system standpoint, we intentionally crafted a holistic brand that functioned across different products, life science domains, technology, and marketing and sales media.

Blending product and brand expertise, we were able to develop an effective brand identity to set LifeSphere and its product team up for success.

A modern, scalable web presence

With product updates moving at the speed of science, the LifeSphere marketing team needed to iterate and update its website and materials in real time, without relying on an outside agency or advanced skill set.

We developed a robust website leveraging a structured, componentized approach, providing highly flexible and simple content editing capabilities while allowing for brand consistency across page styles and design elements.

User-friendly and modular, the website is simple for marketing and design teams to update and maintain.

With a complete brand library in place, LifeSphere is able to publish a wide variety of marketing campaigns and content at scale.

A bold new look

Collaborating with ArisGlobal through different design iterations across all brand elements, we were able to develop an iconic, world-class brand system true to LifeSphere's product ethos and ambitious vision. With a new strategic brand and identity system, LifeSphere is able to engage critical partners, build trust, and scale success while protecting brand integrity.

"Atomic Health was a fantastic partner to work with on our brand launch and refresh. They truly acted as an extension of our team and delivered sharp design that our internal and external audiences have fallen in love with."

Erika Thomas
Brand Manager