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How we helped

Product Design

Visual Design


Website Design

A visual refresh for UZURV’s NEMT platform

Uzurv helps those with limited mobility or disabilities take back their independence with an adaptive transportation platform for municipalies and healthcare providers alike.

Atomic Health gave UZURV a visual refresh of their product and web prescence through a consistent and extensive design language across their ecosystem.

Mission: controlled.

Atomic Health helped transform UZURV’s administrative backend platform to empower operations teams with an elegeant and powerful UI for managing fleet operations, including ride management, logistics and rider support.

A new rider app experience.

Atomic Health helped design a clean mobile UI experience that puts passengers in control of their mobility.

"Whenever we have a big design challenge, we know we can depend on Atomic Health to work alongside our leadership and development teams to deliver an incredible experience that pushes our brand and UX forward."

Phil Bayer